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The Introduction Of Welded Pipe

Dec. 14, 2019

Galvanized welded steel pipe supplier china to share with you: Welded steel pipe, also known as the welded pipe, is made of steel plate or strip after the curly forming of the welded steel pipe, generally fixed feet 6 meters.Welding steel tube production process is simple, high production efficiency, variety specifications, equipment investment, but generally less than seamless steel tube strength.

With the rapid development of high quality strip rolling production and the progress of welding and inspection technology, the weld quality is constantly improving, the variety and specification of welded steel pipe is increasing, and in more and more fields instead of seamless steel pipe.

Classification by production method: process classification - arc welding pipe, resistance welded pipe, (high frequency, low frequency) gas welded pipe, furnace welded pipe.The smaller diameter welded pipe adopts straight seam welding, while the larger diameter welded pipe adopts spiral welding.According to the shape of the end of the steel pipe, it can be divided into circular welded pipe and special-shaped (square, rectangular, etc.) welded pipe.According to the different materials and USES are divided into mine fluid transport welded steel pipe, low pressure fluid transport with galvanized welded steel pipe, belt conveyor roller welding steel pipe.According to the size table of current national standard, sort by outside diameter * wall thickness from small to large.

It is divided into general welded pipe, galvanized welded pipe, oxygen-blown welded pipe, wire sleeve, metric welded pipe, idler pipe, deep well pump pipe, automobile pipe, transformer pipe, welded thin-walled pipe, welded special-shaped pipe, scaffold pipe and spiral welded pipe.

General welded pipe: general welded pipe to transport low pressure fluid.Made of steel Q195A, Q215A and Q235A.Other soft steels that are easy to weld can also be used.The steel pipe should be tested by water pressure, bending, flattening, etc., which requires certain surface quality. The delivery length is usually 4-10m.The specification of welded pipe with nominal diameter (mm or in) nominal diameter and the actual different, welded pipe according to the specified wall thickness of ordinary steel pipe and two kinds of thickened steel pipe, steel pipe according to the end of the form and with thread and without thread two kinds.

Galvanized welded steel pipe: to improve the corrosion resistance of steel pipe, the general steel pipe (black pipe) is galvanized.Galvanized steel pipe is divided into hot dip galvanized and electric galvanized two kinds, hot dip galvanized galvanized layer thick, low cost of electric galvanized.

Oxygen-blowing pipe: used for oxygen-blowing pipe in steelmaking, generally used for small-diameter welded steel pipe, 8 kinds of specifications from 3/8 "to 2".Made of 08, 10, 15, 20 or q195-q235 steel strip.For corrosion prevention, some are aluminized.

Wire bushing: also known as ordinary carbon steel welded steel pipe, used in concrete and various structure power distribution projects, the commonly used nominal diameter from 13-76mm.Wire sheath tube wall is thin, most of the coating or galvanized after use, the cold bending test is required.

Metric welded pipe: specification for seamless pipe form, welded steel pipe with outer diameter * mm wall thickness, welded with ordinary carbon steel, high quality carbon steel or general low alloy steel with tropical, cold zone, or after tropical welding by cold dialed method.Metric welded pipes are divided into general energy and thin wall, commonly used as structural parts, such as transmission shaft, or fluid transport, thin wall for the production of furniture, lamps and lanterns, to ensure the strength of steel tube and bending test.

Idler tube: used for belt conveyor idler welding steel tube, generally made of Q215, Q235A, B and 20 steel, diameter 63.5-219.0mm.There are certain requirements on the bending degree of the pipe, the end face should be perpendicular to the center line, and the ellipticity.

Transformer tube: used for making transformer heat exchangers and other heat exchangers, made of ordinary carbon steel, which requires flattening, flaring, bending and hydraulic tests.Steel tube is delivered with fixed or double ruler, there are certain requirements on the bending of steel tube.

Special-shaped pipe: square pipe, rectangular pipe, cap pipe, steel pipe for door and window, welded by common carbon structure steel and 16Mn steel belt, mainly used for agricultural machinery components, steel window and door.

Welded thin wall tube: mainly used for making furniture, toys, lamps, etc.In recent years, the thin wall pipe made of stainless steel belt is widely used, such as high-grade furniture, decoration and fence.

Spiral steel pipe: the spiral steel pipe is made of low carbon structural steel or low alloy structural steel with a certain spiral Angle (called forming Angle) and then welded together to make the pipe. It can be used to produce large diameter steel pipe with a narrow strip.Spiral welded pipe is mainly used for oil and natural gas pipeline, its specification is expressed by outer diameter * wall thickness.Spiral welded pipe has single-side welding and double-side welding, welded pipe should ensure that hydraulic test, weld tensile strength and cold bending performance to meet the requirements.