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Galvanized Square Rectangular Tube And Straight Welded Pipe

Jun. 16, 2020

Many galvanized welded steel pipes are often used for construction, decoration and production processing. The existence of seamless steel tubes has given it great practical significance, which has brought great convenience to everyone's life and works. Because straight seam welded steel pipes are used in many regions, there are many different types of pipelines on the sales market at this stage. The most common are square galvanized steel pipes and straight welded pipes. They are two completely different commodities, very different on many levels. The following is the difference between a hot-dip galvanized square rectangular pipe and straight welded steel pipe.

Square Galvanized Steel Pipe

Galvanized Welded Steel Pipe

Difference one: production method

In the production process, their difference is particularly significant, because the hot-dip galvanized steel pipe must be gradually melted, and the straight seam welded steel pipe is welded immediately by electric welding, so it is more convenient in the production process, and the galvanized rectangular tube is more time-consuming It is laborious, but it is because of the difference between the two of them. There are also quite big differences on other levels.

Difference 2: Appearance

People understand that their manufacturing methods are quite different, which immediately causes their appearance to be quite different. Recognizable people can immediately identify their differences. The outer surface layer of the galvanized steel pipe generally has a layer of metal material, which is very smooth and uniform in color. As everyone knows, the straight seam welded steel pipe is relatively immediate and not smooth in the production process, so the appearance is not beautiful.

Difference 3: Price

In view of the fact that these two different pipes are very different in the way of production and appearance, so they directly lead to a large price difference, the rectangular tube is more beautiful, and it takes time to make, so the price of the same specification pipe, its price It is much more expensive than welded steel pipes. The difference between the rectangular tube and the welded tube directly affects their social status. If you want to buy these two materials for building materials, then in the eyes of exquisite people, the rectangular tube is often preferred, and the welded tube is suitable for ordinary families.