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Why Choose CREDIT Galvanized Steel Pipe?

Jul. 23, 2019

Why Choose CREDIT Galvanized Steel Pipe?

1:Galvanized steel pipes are welded with hot-dip or galvanized steel. Zinc plating can increase the corrosion resistance of steel pipes and prolong their service life.

2. The surface of the steel pipe is more durable with anti-embroidery treatment, not too fast oxidation, and will not form white rust on the steel pipe;

3. Full protection of the steel pipe. After heating, each part of the steel pipe is plated with zinc, and the concave and convex parts are protected;

4, with anti-corrosion and wear-resistant features, let the steel pipe use longer

5. Since the zinc has been plated on the outside of the steel pipe, the time for oiling or varnishing outside is omitted, and the construction is more convenient;

6, galvanized steel pipe is not frozen for three or nine days, especially suitable for cold weather!